What I'm up to now

Last updated SUNDAY, May 1, 2022

Tearing our house apart

It's traumatic to think about taking sledgehammer to parts of our 95 year-old home this June, but improving it has been a dream since we moved in thirteen years ago.🤞

Moving to a farm

Selina saved the day by finding a modern residential farm for us to live in until December. Thank you to Markus for welcoming us! We'll take good care of the chickens & bees.

Residential farm

Starting a new job

I'm starting a new full-time job with a fantastic founding team in their remote, ambitious, organized, work-life-balanced company.

Comics don't count?!

Beating my modest 26-book challenge for 2022 even though Goodreads doesn't count graphic novels like Essex County, Odessa, and In Waves as literature.

'Second brain'

After 15 years jotting notes in Evernote and then Bear, Obsidian clicked. Each day I keep a "daily note" from a custom template, edit the app's look, and tweak hotkeys while cultivating evergreen notes. I grab every stray thought by its tail using Drafts and practice memorizing the important stuff in Anki study cards.

Modeling & programming basketball

I've learned enough programming this year to turn some ideas for browsing NBA data into working web pages on my buddy's tech stack. It's a thrill to find insight and share it, but lately the tech keep falling over and progress is slowed.

I started splitting my attention between a new bottom and new top of the stack. A mix of curl, sleuthing with dev tools, and networking for advice helped me ask the NBA directly for its data—a huge 'win'. A bit of research and design revealed what I really want and why in a very cool solution. Only trouble? I haven't shipped anything since February. Ugh. 😩

Shaping 10ft

Some of the my recent whiteboard work in FigJam.

Unoriginal 'bug out' plans

We had friends over and realized we had the same 'bug out' plan: race to the harbor, steal a boat, sail to Hawai'i. While I've been *on* sailboats, I've never sailed, just YouTube'd and been inspired & terrified by the North Pacific travelogue Busy Doing Nothing.

Rekka's journal

"Always be bad at something you're passionate about."

Bill Buxton said that to me and it stuck. One thing I'm bad at is music. Each week I make sounds using limited knowledge of the Pocket Operator 12 rhythm, the ROLI arpeggiator, or Bespoke Synth ("like if I smashed Ableton to bits with a baseball bat, and asked you to put it back together"). I've done nothing good except love every minute. 🎵

Pocket Operator 12 rhythm

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